Monday, January 16, 2017

Google Code In ( Gcompris )  2106-2017

Our Experience -:

This year's Google Code In was awesome as before . There were instances of tasks successfully completed by the students . Out of 12 unique tasks 11 tasks were successfully attempted . The students were enthusiastic till the very end of the program. Most of the students solved multiple tasks that provided us with varied ideas .

Some of the students bonded with the community during their  tasks over the irc. All the mentors did a great job . At first the program seemed a bit monotonous but as we reached halfway through the timeline students showed their interest and made it a success.

Students seemed to be interested in contributing to opensource softwares and getting exposure to new technologies like (Qt , git). We did hit a road bump with some tasks that involved building the software or coding in general. But this was supposed to happened as we encountered very young talents.

What we learnt ( Mentors ) -:

We will try to improve the quality and type of tasks that are published for further GCI's to get more students interested in contributing to opensource softwares.

Type of tasks  -: 

Open Bugs -:

Blog Posts -:

Videos -:

T-Shirts -:

Icons -:  ( All the icons have been commited in the main repository )

  1.     Babymatch
  2.     Babyshapes
  3.     details
  4.     Drawletters
  5.     Explore_monuments
  6.     Explore_world_music
  7.     Explore_world_animals
  8.     Geo-country
  9.     Graph-coloring
  10.     Guesscount
  11.     Hanoi
  12.     Hanoi_real
  13.     Imagename
  14.     Letter-in-word
  15.     Melody
  16.     Missing-letter
  17.     Number_sequence
  18.     Paintings
  19.     Photo_hunter
  20.     Roman_numerals
  21.     Tangram
  22.     Water cycle

Code -: 

  1.   2 new levels in explore_world_animals
  2.   dataset update in guesscount activity

Reviews from the students :-

  • Ilya Bizyaev said -: "For me, Google Code-In was a wonderful opportunity to improve various skills, meet new friends and become part of an amazing community that shares my values."

  • Sergey said -: "GCI is an amazing adventure through the world of Opensource, allowing you not only to improve skills and meet new friends from all around the world, but also help you dive right into the development of real projects. I'd say, tagline of GCI should be "Learn by making the world a better place"."

Mentor's Review :-

  •  Rahul yadav ( My Self )  :- The contest was full of energetic students. The students were active on irc as well . Students were exited to contribute to Gcompris. Some of the students work was continuously being commited to our main repository which increased their interest in the project . I had a great learning experience of being a mentor as well .

  •  Johnny Jazeix said -: "really great surprises and amazing job done by some students. I though we would advance more on code tasks but the graphics have been improved a lot."

  • Pulkit Gupta

Special Thanks to :-
(they were not official GCI mentors but helped the students all along the way)
  • Timothée  said -: "that was a great experience: it was cool to can share some knowledge, the students were nice and the result was helpful."

  • Wxl