Akademy (22-27) 2017

So I am writing this blog smiling and remembering the great time i had at Akademy last month.

Akademy is the annual world summit of KDE, one of the largest Free Software communities in the world. So i was fortunate enough to attend the conference after going through all the visa drama , but in the end it was worth it !!

We were thrown an awesome welcoming party where i met the other attendees and interacted with them.  I had been an open source contributor for some time now and all of our conversation was on irc. It was exciting them in person finally.

The next two days were filled exiting talks on various topics from KDE softwares to opensource contribution in general. Some of the talks were pretty moivating and provided good sense of direction how opensource softwares are developed and sustained . Some of my favourite talks were given by Robert Kayne( Meta brainz ), Ivan , Timothee and Jonathan .

I had recently mentored Google Code-In and gave a talk on how we could improve our student programs .

The other three days were filled with workshops and BoF's where developers discussed the current state of a give project and a path to move forward. The beautiful thing about the Bof's were that while discussing over a given project , people would pitch up some great suggestions and help over a given paradigm that they have experience in.

On 26 we went on an amazing day trip to visit Plataforma Solar de Almería , a beach and an old gold mine.The last destination was very exiting as i had lots of fun doing some minor trekking on the rocks with Francis and David.

So How was my overall Experience ?
What can i say . I got to try different kinds of food, got to chill at the beach all night, had amazing stay at the Civitas (Residence) and got to meet and get motivated by amazing developers . It's is as good as life can get :) .

Although the endless claps during the closing ceremony showed our appreciation towards the awesomely organised akademy but i would still like to thank all the Organisers (especially Ismael . took a lot of his time talking about spain) and KDE e.v for this opportunity.

My two drinks ever under adult supervision (Scarlet and Dan ) :).
Though they ended up much more drunk.